Our Mission

To provide our Clients Financial Leadership on Demand with Outsourced Accounting Services & Solutions, and Financial Expertise.


Beachwood Financial Solutions is a  bookkeeping and accounting solutions and service provider for forward thinking privately-held small and mid-size businesses.

Our Core Values:

  • Trust – our most fundamental value. Our clients trust we are watching out for them and will let nothing slip through the cracks. We don’t just provide a service, we have a personal relationship with every client.
  • Confidence – We understand how money and capital flows in our clients business. Being confident in the financial reports you analyze is a fundamental part in making smart business decisions.
  • Simplicity – Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple.  Your accounting processes are easy to manage and your finances are easy to understand with the minimal resources needed. This is no easy task.
  • Clarity – You’ll be crystal clear where your money is coming from and where it’s going, and that’s the bottom line.


You hire our team of bookkeepers and accountants to do one thing, solve your problems when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting.  If you don’t have a powerful and reliable accounting system, we’ll set one up for you.  If you currently have one, we’ll clean it up and fine tune it.  We’ll make sure your payroll is cleaned up and being accurately reported.  We’ll make sure your sales taxes are accurately calculated and reported.  We’ll make sure all your accounts are reconciled and have access to any financial statement or report you may need to stay on top of your business.  We’ll work with your CPA to make sure your taxes are done timely and with minimal fuss.  We’ll make sure your finances are like a well oiled machine!  When you’re no longer worried and stressed about your finances, you’ll have more time and freedom to work on what really matters, your business!

About the Owner:

Albert Salazar has been in the bookkeeping and accounting industry since 2011.  He graduated with a degree in Economics from San Diego State University is 2007.  About a year before graduating, he opened one of his first businesses in Point Loma.  One of his first consultants who counseled him was Bill Howe Sr., founder of Bill Howe Plumbing in San Diego.  The first question he asked Albert is “How do you keep your books?”.  Being a business novice, Albert said he didn’t really keep his books.  Mr. Howe then went on to give Albert a piece of his mind on the importance of seeing your business through numbers.  Since then, Albert began to become a master at understanding bookkeeping, accounting, and how money flowed in businesses.  After finally get a grip on his company’s financials, Albert soon realized it was time to close his shop.  After working odd jobs as a bookkeeper, he decided to go into business for himself again as a bookkeeping professional in 2014.  Equipped with knowledge and experience in being a business owner, Albert has worked with a number of established businesses in San Diego and the country.  He has a passion for watching businesses succeed and loves to work with business minded people.