A Holistic Approach to Financial Wellness

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Office Automation

Automate manual, time-consuming tasks to not only save time, but to minimize labor costs and missed opportunities.

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Financial Tracking

View invoices, approvals, inventory values, ingredient price fluctuations and more from any mobile/desktop device.

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Discover Data-Driven Insights

Drill down into timely & accurate data analysis to drive better decisions - from hiring to vendor negotiation.

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Integrate Operations Across Systems

Easily integrate data across systems to see the big picture without a big tech team or additional data entry.

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Less Stress and More Financial Wellness

Automated Bookkeeping and Benchmarked Reporting for the Health & Wellness Industry

As experts in the health & wellness field, we cater exclusively to group and private practices: from therapists, counselors, psychologists, to life coaches, massage therapists, & more. If you are a self-employed wellness professional, we can help!

We assign you with a dedicated team of bookkeeping, tax, and business experts who take care of the books for you. We help build a comprehensive, long-term back-office strategy for better weekly or monthly financial reporting to improve the workflow and performance of your practice. No more fearing the “tax season crunch time” again.  Your statements are always ready to file by the deadline.

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