Restaurant Resource Hub

  • Five Simple Steps for Accounting Success
    When you decided to start your own company, you likely focused on the products or services you were selling, along with your amazing customer service and marketing skills. While running your own small business offers plenty of upsides, it also means you’re responsible for every aspect of operations, including the parts you think are beyond […]
  • Restaurant-Specific Accounting Challenges
    There are unique challenges when running a restaurant business. They are: 1. Accounting for Tips Patrons will include tips in their payments. Is that considered restaurant income? How about paying out those tips to your employees, are those counted as wages? Restaurants can have different methods of tip handling. Whether it’s pooling, mandatory or not, […]
  • What is Restaurant Accounting?
    Restaurant accounting is defined as the process of recording, analyzing, and interpreting financial data for a restaurant. These include booking financial transactions such as supplier invoices, payroll, POS sales, sales taxes, and accounting for overhead expenses such as rent, insurance, maintenance, and any other cost necessary and as an ordinary part of running your restaurant […]
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