Death and Sales Taxes

This helpful tip could save you from over paying sales taxes THE PROBLEM:With the rise of online platforms such as Etsy, paypal, and Amazon, it’s easier now more than ever to sell your product to a wide audience!  You supply the product, and Etsy markets, sells, collects payment, takes a small fee, and deposits the […]

Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Make sure you’re company is in compliance in filing all necessary forms for 2020. They are: IRS form 1099 – for all your independent contractors IRS form W-2 – for your employees Any other payments such as rents, interest expense, etc. that would require a form 1099 What forms are you missing? What you don’t […]

Accrual Accounting

Definition: Accounting method that records revenues and expenses when they are incurred, regardless of when cash is exchanged. The term “accrual” refers to any individual entry recording revenue or expense in the absence of a cash transaction Most businesses typically use one of two basic accounting methods in their bookkeeping systems: cash basis or accrual basis. While most businesses use […]

Are you In Sync?

One of the ways managers know if their business systems are working are the number of times they have to think about them.  Every moment of thought put into your systems is time and energy that could be spent working and building your business.  In today’s business climate, there are at least 7 different services […]

Avoid Vendor Lock In

Within the last ten years, many companies have migrated to cloud-based technology to avoid the budgetary constraints of funding large capital projects for data centers and agile software development. While cloud solutions offer companies many benefits, it still introduces some risks. For example, vendor lock-in is as great in the cloud as it was in […]

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