Navigating the CDTFA

Do you know what the CDTFA is? If you don’t and you sell products in CA, you better learn fast! The CDTFA stand for the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration and they are the tax authority that your report and send sales tax payment to.

Registering with the CDTFA is simple but not necessarily easy:

  • Register with the CDTFA in their webiste:
  • Document your login credentials and don’t lose them. You’ll be loggin in usually at least once a month
  • Sign up for a resellers permit through the login portal
  • Determine your tax rate and what products you sell are considered taxable
  • Once you have your CDTFA account number, setup your accounting system to automatically calculate sales taxes
  • Make monthly payments to the CDTFA for the sales taxes you’ve collected every month(Unless you’re on a quarterly or yearly prepayment plan)
  • File your sales tax return with the CDTFA every quarter (Unless you’re on a yearly plan)

Our most productive clients rely on us to take care of this time consuming task with the CDTFA. Don’t let navigating with the CDTFA take up countless hours of your time, give us a call today for a free consultation.