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Managing accounting, bookkeeping and taxation for health and wellness business can be a daunting task when an owner has limited business experience. Beachwood Financial Solutions understands the needs of this industry, which is in high-growth mode across the nation and requires paying careful attention to not just the accounting and filing of tax returns, but also sales tax when selling products, managing payroll, and even dealing with IRS letters.

Our list of services include:

  • Membership and product sales tracking
  • Location / pricing analysis
  • Monthly recurring billing
  • Equipment investment schedule
  • Analysis of cost of goods sold
  • Evaluate new areas/possible areas of expansion for profitability

We strongly advice business owners who have opened a health and wellness facility, gym, spa, health and wellness office or rent space from an existing facility to be fully aware of the accounting and regulatory demands of their business. Failing to comply and/or address specific issues proactively can lead to costly and often emotionally-taxing situations that can be avoided with our help.

Beachwood Financial Solutions is ready to support your health and wellness business needs with sound advice and bookkeeping support to keep your business running profitably.

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