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Construction ain’t easy!  We understand that  you are constantly at risk for time and cost over-runs and tight gross profit margins. The phrase “Cash is King” couldn’t be more applicable to the home building & remodeling industry.

To balance those hazards, you need accurate week-to-week job-cost information so that you can:

  • Track each job’s progress and monitor financial results.
  • Keep an eye on changes that impact your profit margin.
  • Be in a position to make informed decisions as a job progresses.
  • Make sure cash is flowing in the right direction

When you are intimately familiar with your job cost numbers, you’ll be able to create more accurate estimates and make smarter pricing decisions.

There are dozens, sometimes hundreds of moving parts to your operations. From managing city inspectors and interior designers, to plumbers, roofers, electricians, and finish carpenters.  You don’t just need a good accounting system, you need a good project management system on top of an accounting system.

Fortunately, QuickBooks is an ideal match an ideal accounting system, however it is a terrible solution for project management.  For that solution Buildertrend Project Management Software is the ideal solution.  And since Buildertrend can sync up with quickbooks, we are able to streamline your project management operations with your accounting operations.  This combination of services has had great results for our clients, it can do the same for your business too.  We can make your project management accounting streamlined with the rest of your business.  And because it’s cloud software, you can use it from your office, truck, or the building site.


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