Restaurant & Bar Accounting

Many San Diego food businesses (food trucks, cafes, diners, independent restaurants coffee shops, etc) lack the proper accounting system. Often, the balance in their checking account and an annual tax return are the only real data they have on the financial health of their business.

A solid back-office bookkeeping foundation is a fundamental part for a successful hospitality or restaurant establishment. From inventory to POS to cash flow, it’s like having to learn another language but in partnering with Beachwood Financial Solutions, it isn’t hard at all.

Bookkeeping and accounting software should help you know where your money is going and where it’s coming from.  What it shouldn’t do: require you to babysit it.

Automated Bookkeeping and Benchmarked Reporting for Restaurant Industry

Use our cloud bookkeeping reports to analyze your revenues and expenses and stay on top of your cash flow.

We assign you with a dedicated team of bookkeeping, tax, and business experts who take care of the books for you. We help build a comprehensive, long-term back-office strategy for better weekly or monthly financial reporting to improve the performance of your restaurant. No more fearing the “tax season crunch time” again.  Your statements are always ready to file by the deadline.

Access the financial data you need anytime, anywhere thru our cloud bookkeeping dashboard that automatically updates to provide a comprehensive picture of where your business stands at any given moment.

Choose a Bookkeeping Solution that lets You Concentrate on your Entrées, not Expenses

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